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Professional Services

Your IT applications and business processes are critical to your success.

You are continually looking for ways to optimize your internal business processes and collaborate more effectively with your partners, customers and suppliers.

Your internal resources are already constrained by internal projects and supporting existing systems, but you can't afford to delay development of some critical applications that integrate your disparate systems and data to drive revenue and your competitive advantage.

You need results fast!

Look no further…

The Pick Products' Commitment

Service excellence is driven by our passion for our clients' success. We apply our knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive technology solutions that meet or exceed customers' current requirements and pave the way for their future growth. We believe in the promise of open standards technology. We are passionate in our resolve to deliver services that fulfill that promise.

Our Services

We provide a broad range of IT services, including:

  • Database administration — specialising in multi-value databases (such as UniVerse, D3, and mvBASE).
  • Unix system administration — including AIX, Linux, and other *nix style operating systems.
  • Software development — we have a long history of developing multi-value software as well as web-based systems.
  • Software maintenance — we can offer software maintenance for any multi-value database environment.
  • Web development — we have developed numerous web systems ranging from simple web services to complete B2B and B2C websites with full back-end database support.

Whatever your IT needs, get in touch with us and we'll show you how we can help you.

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